What Is Dental Bonding And How Does It Help Me?

bondingIf you have chipped, crooked, or otherwise discolored teeth, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures known as dental bonding can help correct them.

But what is dental bonding? And how does it fix my teeth?

What is dental bonding?

Bonding is a type of cosmetic dental procedure that utilizes a putty-like white filling to improve the appearance and look of your teeth. The white filling is essentially a resin that’s applied and hardened to your teeth via a light that bonds the resin to the outside of your tooth. By the end of the procedure, you should have whiter, healthier looking teeth that improve the appearance of your smile.

What is the dental bonding procedure?

The procedure sounds simple but it can take between 30 and 60 minutes per tooth to apply the resin. Preparation isn’t extensive, but those suffering from tooth decay or chips might require anesthesia or tooth reshaping before the resin is applied.

The bonding process begins with your cosmetic dentist roughening the exterior of your tooth. This is essential for the resin to stick to the tooth properly. Then, the resin is applied and shaped over the tooth for the desired look. After the dentist shines a bright light to harden the resin, the tooth will be shaped and polished for a clean, healthy look.

Who can benefit from dental bonding?

Virtually anyone can benefit from dental bonding, but it’s merely a cosmetic procedure. It doesn’t help any periodontal diseases but it can help and slow the rate of tooth decay in some people. Here are just some of the symptoms of people who might benefit from these type of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Those who suffer from tooth decay
  • Those who have chipped or cracked teeth
  • Those who have discoloration or yellowing teeth
  • Those who need tooth protection
  • Those who want to lengthen short teeth
  • Those who want to reshape their teeth

It’s estimated that 32% of people are worried about the appearance of their teeth. When you want to discuss the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, visit the family dentist at Railroad Dental Associates. We offer the best bonding, bridges, and implants designed to improve your smile. Call or visit our website today!