What Are Peg Teeth And How Do I Fix Them?


Peg teeth refer to the smaller, pointed teeth that are present on either side of your top front teeth. It may look like you have two sets of canines.


You see them everywhere and you might even have them yourself. But what causes peg teeth and how do you fix them?


What causes peg teeth


Peg teeth are a result of your adult teeth failing to develop properly. In some cases, adult teeth may not come in at all and an adult is left with a baby tooth that never fell out. Luckily, it’s never caused by a mistake by the individual — peg teeth are a hereditary condition that can’t be helped.


Are they harmful?


Peg teeth are not typically harmful. Because they’re located in the front of the mouth, they don’t result in misaligned bites or cause other teeth to shift in uncomfortable ways. If a peg tooth causes someone problems, it’s usually because the peg tooth is sensitive or is preventing another tooth to erupt underneath it.


The primary issue surrounding peg teeth is their aesthetic appearance. Many people are concerned about the look of their teeth and peg teeth can create gaps or otherwise affect the appearance of your smile. It’s common for adults with peg teeth to contact a cosmetic dentist for treatment.


How to fix them


Cosmetic dentistry will usually recommend an implant, a cosmetic crown, or a porcelain veneer to adjust your smile.


A dental implant involves removing the tooth and replacing it with an artificial tooth. The tooth will be modeled to mimic the appearance and wear of your other teeth for a seamless smile.


A cosmetic crown involves the reshaping of your peg tooth in order to accommodate a permanent crown that covers most or all of the tooth. Cosmetic crowns can last for years and are resistant to stains and wear.


Veneers are another popular option to fix peg teeth. They are essentially thin covers that are specifically molded to your tooth in order to improve its appearance and structure. Studies have shown that porcelain veneers can last over 10 years with the proper care.


Peg tooth may be an unsightly feature of your smile, but you have options when you want to get it fixed. For more information about dental implants, bridges, veneers, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, visit the dentist you can trust: Railroad Dental Associates.