Want To Make A Good Impression On Your Dentist? Follow These Tips


Impressing your dentist can seem like an uphill battle; you never seem to floss enough, you don’t know how you got that cavity, and you constantly forget your insurance information. Whatever the reason you’re letting your dentist down, here are some tips and tricks to get the stamp of approval from your family dentist.

Practice your routine regularly

You’re upset when you leave the dentist because you feel like you’ve let them down; unfortunately, this misplaced guilt actually needs to be turned inward. Flossing regularly, rinsing with mouthwash twice a day, and brushing after you eat is the best way to prove to your dentist that you’re taking an active role in your dental health and hygiene. Each time you visit the dentist, your teeth will be even healthier.

Know what you’re getting into

There are many different types of dentist appointments, but you should never be shocked when you come into the dentist’s office. Whether it’s a regular cleaning, an oral surgery, or an appointment for dental crowns, as a patient, you need to set side aside time to get the correct treatment. General dentistry has seen it all, but it will calm both the nerves of your dentist and yourself if you have a plan going into the appointment. Keep in mind that if you get crowns for your teeth, a veneer mold can take up to two weeks to prepare after your dentist makes a mold of the crowns of your teeth.

Have the correct paperwork and cards ready

Nothing is more frustrating for a dentist — and their secretary — than an unprepared patient. Before you leave to go to your general dentist, gather your insurance information, a form of ID, and a copy of any allergies to medicine you may have.

Try a tongue scraper

You’re doing a good job ridding your body of plaque and bad breath germs whenever you brush your teeth. However, a great amount of the bacteria living in our mouth settles in the nearly-imperceptible crevices of our tongues. For fresh breath and better tooth health in the long run, using a tongue brush a few times a week will help prevent bad breath and infection.

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