7 Tooth Malocclusions That Depress Impressionable Adolescents


A malocclusion is a dental term that refers to a bite that needs correction. Since approximately 20% of people have a less than ideal bite, there are many options to help rearrange their bite to a more desirable position. This sure is good news for countless individuals who are self-conscious about their teeth. If you have one of the following malocclusions, visit the dentist to talk about your options.

  1. Overjet
    Also known as an upper protrusion and ‘buck teeth’, an overjet is when your teeth push outward at an angle instead of straight up and down. Typically, this happens because of thumb sucking or prolonged pacifier use.
  2. Overbite
    An overbite is when your top front teeth are excessively overlapping your bottom front teeth. Sometimes this can result in your bottom front teeth touching the roof of your mouth. If this is severe, it can result in cuts in your mouth and on your lips.
  3. Open Bite
    When your molars touch, but your top and bottom front teeth do not, you have what is known as an open bite
  4. Underbite
    The opposite of an overbite, an underbite is when your bottom front teeth extend past your top front teeth. Both overbites and underbites are fairly common problems.
  5. Crowding
    This is the cause of most wisdom tooth removal procedures. When there isn’t enough room in your mouth for new teeth, they either come in crooked or don’t come in at all. Teeth that fall into the latter situation are called impacted.
  6. Crossbite
    When your top teeth are in front of the bottom ones in one place and behind them in another, you have a crossbite.
  7. Rotation
    If your tooth has rotated in its place, this is likely the result of crowding at the time that the tooth grew in.

If you have any bite issues, go to a cosmetic dentistry and talk to them about corrective solutions. There’s no reason the feel self-conscious about your bite, especially since there are many treatment options available. Besides braces, there’s Invisalign, retainers, oral surgery, and a number of implants that can make your smile brighter than ever.