5 Drinks to Avoid For Healthier Teeth

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If you’re trying to improve your dental health, you should consider switching up your diet as a first step.

Just as sugary foods can damage your teeth, particularly acidic, sugary and some fruit juice drinks and wines can also harm your dental health. Here are some of the top drinks to avoid when you’re trying to improve your smile.


Coffee is perhaps one of the worst beverages for your teeth. Not only is this a high-acidity drink which can wear down enamel with repeated exposure, but it also encourages tooth staining. This beverage is made even more damaging should you add plenty of sugar into your morning cup of joe.

If you simply can’t give up your daily routine, try to limit your coffee consumption to only a couple cups a day. On top of that, you should try to drink your coffee quickly; sipping on acidic or sugary beverages for long periods of time promote bacterial growth and lead to cavities. It’s no wonder over 70% of adults over the age of 65 suffer from periodontal disease.


If you’re not a fan of coffee, tea is a popular second choice. However, tea is also an acidic drink that can stain your teeth in a similar way to coffee. Avoid sugary additives when you enjoy a hot cup and, like coffee, try not to drink it over long periods of time.


Soda and pop are the kings of sugar. Paired with the acids present in many popular sodas, this is a recipe for disaster. The acids and high levels of sugar wear down the sensitive enamel in your teeth. This could lead to cavities, tooth sensitivity, and worse. To avoid the need for dental implants down the road, visit your family dentist for tips and tricks when you want to enjoy your sugary beverages.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices contain high levels of acidity, especially if they’re from fruit concentrate. This means that you’re experiencing more acid than you would if you ate fruit on its own. If you can’t resist the tangy sweetness of a glass of orange juice, however, try diluting the mixture with a little water.

Fruit punch

Fruit punch rarely has healthy amounts of juice in it. In fact, most don’t have any real fruit. In most cases, they’re simply an avenue to ingest unhealthy levels of high fructose corn syrup and sugar. With repeated exposure, you may need to invest in bridges or dental implants if your teeth start to suffer. Instead of sipping this sugary lie, rely on actual fruit juices or water.

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