3 Common Dental Procedures and Why They Aren’t as Scary as You Might Think

dentistsThere’s an unfortunate stigma surrounding visits to dentists offices. People tend to get anxiety about dental procedures that are actually very routine. No one is to blame for this misplaced fear, especially not those who suffer from it. As a consequence of this cultural aversion to diligent dental care, getting information out to the public about how stress-free these procedures are is a top priority for most dentists. Here are some examples of supposedly scary procedures that aren’t scary at all.

    1. Cleanings
      For most people, anxiety about an upcoming cleaning check-up goes away as they enter adulthood. Still, some people are nervous on these occasions. Talk to your dentist about your concerns. Walking patients through what each of the tools is used for can often calm the nerves. Routine cleanings are important for proper dental health, and being anxious about going to the dentist’s can make your teeth suffer.
    1. Cavity Fillings
      This is another incredibly common procedure. Ask your dentist how many cavities they have filled today. The answer is likely more than you think. Some people might get self-conscious about their teeth if they get a cavity. Seeing as most people will probably get at least one cavity in their life, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. If you are afraid of the tools used to fill a cavity, or the potential for pain, voice these concerns to your dentist before the procedure begins.
  1. Wisdom Teeth Surgery
    Everyone has heard horror stories about wisdom teeth surgery. The problem is, these stories almost exclusively refer to the aftermath of the surgery. Most of those stories involve the patient getting a root canal. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations, though, you will likely be fine. If you are worried about the surgery itself, you can talk to your oral surgeon about general anesthesia. This will put you completely to sleep. When you wake up, the surgery will be complete. Most adults do need wisdom teeth removed, as there’s typically only room for 28 teeth. This doesn’t mean it will be necessary for you.

The unfortunate problem of dentistry driven anxiety seems to be subsiding in the general public. This very well could be due to an increase in publicly available information dispelling the myths associated with dentists. If you want to overcome your anxiety, learn as much as you can about teeth and best oral hygiene practices. Soon you will have healthier teeth than ever.