3 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Need to Know About

cosmetic dentistryKeeping your teeth clean and healthy is important. Ask any dentist in the world and they’ll gladly tell you that it’s important to brush, floss, and visit your general dentistry practice on a regular basis. But when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, hygiene takes a backseat to aesthetics.

Considering that almost 32% of people report being “concerned” by the way their teeth look, it’s no wonder why cosmetic dental procedures have been growing in popularity. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures to consider if you’re worried about the appearance of your smile.

    • Teeth Whitening
      If there’s one thing cosmetic dentists do well (and often) it’s teeth whitening. In fact, it wouldn’t be an outlandish assumption to say that it’s the most popular cosmetic dental treatment out there today. While this procedure can be done at a general dentistry practice, it doesn’t take precedence over more health-related treatment. But at a cosmetic dental office, it’s usually a top priority for patients, as focusing on smile appearance is a big goal for these facilities.


    • Dental Implants
      There are a number of reasons why a patient would want or need dental implants. From reinventing their entire smile to replacing missing teeth lost in an injury, dental implants can help make people feel like they have a functioning smile again. Not only that, but these dental implants are truly functional, acting just as normal teeth would. And one of their biggest benefits is that they’re much more durable than traditional porcelain veneers.


  • Invisible Braces
    While traditional braces are the work of an orthodontist, invisible braces are typically provided in a cosmetic dental setting. These “braces” are custom-created to fit each individual patient’s teeth, and are typically administered later in adulthood, long after a round or two of traditional braces. These braces are popular because although they still help straighten teeth, they’re removable and invisible.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t necessarily the same as general dentistry, but it certainly does help people feel more confident with their smiles. If you’re interested in any of these procedures, don’t hesitate to contact our trusted team today.